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5, 10 or 20 lbs. of Ground Beef 
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Great Prices On Your Choice Of Ground Beef Sale Package

5 lbs. for only $30-10 lbs. for only $50-15 lbs. for only $70


Do take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are saying:
Dierks family farm is the way to go if your looking for quality meat for your family .

I have been feeding my family grass fed beef from our local chain grocery store and although it was better than the ground mystery beef next to it It was very high priced for what little i was getting . When i purchased Dierks family grass fed beef I was pleasantly surprised it surpassed the taste and price I was looking for . I get more meat for my money and know that the meal I am feeding them is the best I can provide . I went in a half of cow with three families and we all agree that we will continue to be loyal customers . Their steaks are amazing and so flavorful you’ll never be happy with ordinary steak house steaks ever again . Truly grateful that in an over processed world we can still get good quality beef , The family has went out of their way for amazing customer service and prompt delivery .

Thank you Dierks Family Farm we feel like you are our new found friends for life !
Marielena Vela, Chicago Ridge, IL
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